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Learn how to increase engagement, interest in curriculum, performance on assessments, and much more among your culturally diverse students in your classrooms! Our trainings will help you to develop independent and woke (alert to injustice in society) learners!

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Engaging Your Culturally Diverse Students with Culturally Relevant Pedagogy

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Enhance Your Class Using Nearpod Options

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Brainstorming/Coaching Session With Dr. Hubert

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Organic Instagram Growth Strategies

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30-Day At-Home Fitness Challenge

Join this 30-Day At-Home Fitness Challenge! The challenge provides a 30 Day workout plan and recommended nutrition plan. It also includes instructional videos for recommended workouts.

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Dr. Tarcia Hubert - Executive Director

Learn additional skills to engage your culturally diverse students in lessons, increase their interest in the curriculum, help them to develop into independent learners, and improve their performance on formal assessments.

With this online training platform, you can work at your own pace to complete the courses. You can login and logout at any time to complete each course in which you are enrolled.  You will receive a TEA approved CPE certificate upon completion of the course.

Our trainings are presented by experienced educators with over 100+ years of combined experience.  Our team consists of former teachers, school administrators, and community college and university professors.  Our team is passionate, full of energy and insight, and we are ready to motivate you and your team!